Rabbit hole,

or conspiracy theories, now folks many of you will know I love a conspiracy thought or story, looking for the story behind the news and talking to other people that want to believe the same,

Some of you may know the names of Rockefeller  or Rothschild, known to be wealthy and if the truth be known more money than you can ever imagine. Wars, no one wins at war it is said, yet there are many still going on and how many times have you heard the charity ads on TV asking for help? Well now, if you put the money you spent on the war into the people we would not be seeing these ads right? So, who wins at wars? Bankers, the people bank rolling the weapons, the rich are getting richer at the expense of humans somewhere else! The good ol’ american dollar eh..

Talking of the dollar, we all know the name or term federal reserve the bank, now I am not sure about the federal part of it, but one think that does get my attention is who owns it. The central banking system of the good ol USA is privately owned.. read that again, private owned… surely that cannot be the best option to control a country as big and powerful as America right? But, what’s the best way to get rich, control the money.. suddenly it makes sense. So, ok a bit of guess work here but if a country dont support or use the dollar might be why they are apparently enemies of America, not assuming anything just guessing, it is a coincidence and y’all know how I feel about them. At the time of writing couldn’t find (read didn’t look) the bit I wanted about who owns most of the banks in the UK but I believe it goes all the way back to the Rothschild family. How deep you thinking this rabbit hole goes???

Who knows what the united nations are? A place or organization that was setup after a major war to bring peace to the world, doing a grand job aint they.. but thats for another day, few of you may of heard of the Bilderberg group or meeting, clip from Wiki below

The Bilderberg meeting is an annual conference established in 1954 to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. The group’s agenda, originally to prevent another world war, is now defined as bolstering a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe.

Right.. ok so whats the point of the united nations again?

Princess Diana, perhaps one of the biggest conspiracy stories in living memory, was it just an accident? I for one do not think or believe it at all

And on that thought, have a good day or night whenever you drop by and read this,

Return of the broken man

Or at least sprained..

and strained, so just over two weeks ago doing the day job a simple wrong placement of footing and I went down rather heavy – results a painful ankle.

The following day I went to Southend hospital seeking medical advice, bless the staff there and thanks to them and looking after me, got an xray to confirm there was no break and it was indeed a heavy sprain.

Spoke to my employer who was very good about it, very good considering had only been in the job a few weeks. However, money is now weighing heavy on my mind.

Two weeks down on a paycheck is going to hurt when you live one month at a time, I used to joke why is there so much month left at the end of the money, its no longer a joke… after around 7 years in the recovery industry and doing my best to work at never needing to rely on benefits again I suddenly have no idea how I am going to pay my bills this month let alone get back to full time driving. I need to work,

I do try to keep the mood on the positive, the lighthearted mindset when I enjoy life and those around me, my loved ones and family.. yet suddenly I understand where dark depressed thoughts come from, those that dont know how to survive the night and turn to a bottle of drink or even drugs.

It is so hard at the moment to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is the deepest darkest night for me and my family at the moment, yes I am holding out for the morning light and a positive move forward,