Day 2 mixed feelings

Day 2 – Mixed feelings

Today was the first day back on shift on the day job. Mixed because I love my job, but at the same time I know 48 hours at least spread over the next 4 days is hard work, hard because I know that I feel like I am going to be spending more time in the truck than home and being tired enough to fall asleep after my dinner. The other side is I love the helping of others part, fixing people and picking up cars doing my best to leave a positive note on someones bad day.

Always feel down on the night before the shift starts, after a couple of wonderful days with the wife and the family, work starts and what has to be done is done, and there is todays lesson.. Why I am not doing that for myself? Throwing 48 hours per working week into something that is a benefit to me and my family and not someone else, hmm..

Lazy? Nope don’t see that one, I work hard for the day job, at least 48 hours is not easy per week. So, has to be confidence or worse scared..

Scared?!? (don’t laugh) Most people have some mental block somewhere in their head, so if you are scared of success without admitting it and doing something about it is going to hold you back without you even knowing it.

Scared of success, and freedom to do what you want? Crazy but may just be true…