Day 6 – been thinking,

yep been thinking..

and if you are the smart ones that are following this yes I have missed a few days,

Anyway, I have for some time been a having a polite argument with myself about what and where to go in my life, always wondering if there is more to what I can do, even can I work smarter not harder. OK so I enjoy my recovery job, I do it for the people and that seems to get me places in the job dealing with people that are either stressed due to broken down or shock because of the trauma of the RTC that they have just suffered. But, for some time also been very interested in the mind and the power it has, what you think you are.. you become, thanks to people like Derren Brown and others hypnosis has become something I enjoy and want to progress with.

Now, the other day I met a nice lady in the day job that was a hypnotist, was.. She tells me she gave up because she was to busy, to many clients that wanted help in the evening, So she gave it up for a career in the city! Which is a little strange as they had a couple of young children,

That got me thinking, what would I do to get to that stage? What a nice problem to have.

Get of here and where was I up to in that book,