Day 4, 7, 11 or whatever the day is..

Whatever the day is,

working a shift pattern that involves 7 days a week one day tends to melt into the next and I lose track of what day it is.

Now, the last few days have been wonderful, a quiet day on the roads Xmas day and off to friends on boxing day followed by two nice days at home. The problem, if I can call it that is that the last afternoon of the ‘off’ shift days I will have a down period of time when I start to wind up for the time back on the road, the next 4 days when my life is on the road, eat sleep and repeat.. Certainly not family friendly but it is a steady income.

Now sometimes the down period will be quite short and on the odd occasion it will be longer and harder border on depression, my loving wife is quite the empath.. What I mean is she reflects my emotions, when I am on a high life is great and when I am bouncing off the walls in the down time it reflects badly on both of us. This week was a bad week, well couple of hours anyway, maybe just a delayed reaction to the full moon but it was a bad time for both of us.

In February we will have been married 30 years, the love between us is clear and strong. But, we need time together to build and keep our relationship strong.

Happiness is a choice, sometimes choices are hard to make..

Happy new year friends and family,